Algebra, Geometry,
Trigonometry, Calculus


HTML, CSS, LAMP, Hangul, Spanish,
Reading, Writing


Guitar, Piano, Digital/DAW,
Music Theory


Web Design

Build a website instantly with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Harness the potential of popular CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Magento, and CSS frameworks like Bootstrap.

LAMP Engineer
Wiki Autopatroller
MediaWiki, Codecademy


Quickly learn to read and write with the Korean phonetic and featural alphabet. Color-coded and featural letter diagrams for intuitive understanding of the alphabet.

Hunminjeongeum Society Approved


General Theory: numerical piece & position valuation, significance of the center, exchanges, gambits, en passant, fianchettos, zwischenzug, timed matches, Elo ratings.
Opening: development, initiative, tempo, castling, knights before bishops.
Endgame: opposition, zugzwang, triangulation, stalemate patterns, checkmate patterns.
Attack Tactics: forks, pins, skewers, overloading, x-rays, trapping pieces, discovered attacks.
Pawn Theory: pawn chains, passed pawns, hanging pawns, backward pawns, isolated pawns, pawn islands, pawn majorities.
Bishop Theory: bad vs. good bishops, corralling knights.
Rook Theory: seeking open files, importance of the 7th rank, backing passed pawns.

△ 1900-2100+