Learning chess theory enhances a player's ability to recognize, differentiate, and prioritize, patterns. Learning theory promotes a player's ability to create and critically evaluate strategy. Theory promotes understanding of the mechanisms behind wins, losses, and draws.

Chess Is...

"...a black and white jungle."
- Garry Kasparov

"...a game in which are revealed your intellect, character, will."
- Boris Spassky

"...everything art, science, and sport."
- Anatoly Karpov

"...not only knowledge and logic."
- Alexander Alekhine

"...an art appearing in the form of a game."
- Soviet Encyclopedia

"...an important element of life. It teaches you how to exist in the world. It teaches you to think multiple moves ahead, to strategize. It teaches how to attack, how to defend. Chess also taught me never to give up. That's one of my main tactics: never count me out. It's the same with the greatest players. They play right up to that last move, and they never give up."